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Transaction and address tracking

The “Transactions” tab contains the information on all transactions of your merchant account.
There is a wide range of available filters for transactions that can be useful if you need to sort out the transactions by the specified parameter (currency, time, status, etc). Also, you can export this info into a .csv file by pressing the “Export” button in the right corner of this menu.
You can get additional info on the transactions by pressing the “Info” button on the right side of the transaction that you want to check.
The “Payments” tab also allows you to track all transactions within your merchant account, but also contains the information on the fees of our processing applied to these transactions and your remainder balance after each transaction.
By accessing the “Package Info” tab you can check processing fees for different types of operations.
If you have any questions regarding the set fees or you want to discuss the matter further, please contact us via [email protected] or email to our sales managers directly.
The "Addresses" tab includes information about all addresses within your merchant account.It depicts not only your addresses for topping up your merchant account, but all the addresses that were generated via the API call, for more info check this section.