Balance management

The “Balances” tab contains info about your crypto account balances and fiat account balances.

EUR equivalent for each cryptocurrency on your balance is depicted below the amount of crypto itself.

The “Balances” tab is very important for managing your account, here you can see your depositing address for each active cryptocurrency. To see this address you need to press the “Deposit” button near the corresponding cryptocurrency.

You can either copy the address or use the provided QR in case you find it more preferable. While depositing to the address make sure that the currency is correct and the amount is higher than our minimal limits.

By pressing the “Send” button you can access the menu that allows you to withdraw cryptocurrency. You need to specify the address and set the amount. Same rule applies to the withdrawal as well, you need to make sure that receiver’s address is correct, the currency is matching and the amount is above the processing limits.

More detailed information about fiat transactions can be found here.

You can exchange your cryptocurrency to fiat, vice versa or exchange cryptocurrencies between each other (you can see the available trading pairs here) by pressing the “Exchange” button.

On this menu you can choose the currency you want to exchange and the currency that you want to obtain (either crypto or fiat) and set the amount. The exchange rate is fixed for one minute, if you exchange the funds within this time frame you get the exact amount of the target currency from the menu, if the timer has ran out new ratio will be calculated and fixed for another minute.

Only users with the “Owner” role can access “Send” and “Exchange” buttons, while any user from your team is able to see the deposit addresses by pressing the “Deposit” button.