My addresses

The first “My addresses” section contains the depository addresses provided to the merchant in order to replenish the balance of the merchant's account. These are the addresses displayed to the user in the "Balances" tab, when clicking the "Receive" button for the type of cryptocurrency selected.

The functionality of this section is available to all merchant users.

Clicking on the address line will open the side tab with depositing details.

This tab allows to perform the following actions:

  • To copy the address by clicking on the address line and pressing the "Copy address" button;

  • To open the QR code or copy the link to the payment terminal in the window by clicking on the “Receive” button;

  • To change the address name by clicking the “Edit” button.

To create the address, click the “Create address” button. In the window appeared, please fill in the following information:

  • Name;

  • Type: deposit/deposit with exchange;

  • The currency supported by the address;

  • The currency to be converted into in case a deposit with an exchange was selected.

System addresses

The second “System addresses” section contains addresses generated by the API via the api/v2/addresses/take request. This section is available to all merchant users.

On this page, you can see a list of system addresses presented. You can search addresses by any available parameter using the filter by clicking on the respective button.

All the detailed information about the address can be viewed and copied by clicking on the address and then on the “Copy address” button in the window appeared.


The third “Contacts” section contains the withdrawal addresses added by the user. The possibility to create a contact is available to the merchant user with the owner rights only.

In order to add an address to which you withdraw funds on a constant basis, kindly click “Add Contact” button and fill in the required information in the following fields:

  • Name;

  • Currency;

  • Address.

The system checks if the format of the address corresponds to the network to which a withdrawal will be sent. This section allows to save addresses in order to have a quick access to them due to withdrawing funds. You will be able to get access to them later due to selecting the currency of the withdrawal transaction in the “Balances” tab. In order to do that you need to click on the currency of the withdrawal and then click on the address book icon.

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