Payment Terminal

Payment Terminal is a separate service which can help you to display your deposit address as a web page or embed it into your website as an i-frame.

As a merchant you need to generate a GET URL with a set of the established parameters according to the requirements below and redirect a user via that link to Payment Terminal. Data available for the user includes address and QR-code, currency and deposit amount (in case ‘amount’ parameter was sent).

An example of implementation of Payment Terminal with i-frame
An example of implementation of Payment Terminal without i-frame

Once the user makes a deposit, it will be processed according to common deposit flow.

Payment terminal workflow representation

Creating a request

You need to create a request which contains hash with two required parameters: data and signature.

The request address:'data and signature'

Data parameter generation

You need to form JSON with the following parameters


"client_id":1 ,

You need to convert the resulting represented code in JSON to base64 format.



Signature parameter generation

You need to:

  • concatenate JSON with secret key to generate signature


  • The calculated hmac(sha512) hash in lowercase looks like:



As a result, the request will have the following look: