Discount system

CryptoProcessing application provides an opportunity to cut up to 40% of your costs for paying processing fees. In order to participate in a discount program, it’s required to keep CPD tokens on a merchant's balance.
The merchant can get up to 20% discount for staking CPD tokens which is based on an Operations Volume over the last 30 days (further: the 30D Volume) and CPD Balance amount of this merchant. Besides that, the merchant can increase this discount by another 20% via turning on paying processing fees with CPD tokens.
Should you wish to benefit from our discounting system related to the staking and the use of CPD please contact your account manager for more information.
Available Discount Levels:
30D Volume in USDT
Balance Staked in CPD
Discount for Staking
Discount If Fees are paid In CPD (20% + relevant Discount for Staking)
Read more about the Discount Program here.
Discount For Staking CPD Token
The discount for staking CPD token is considered as the basic discount of the merchant.
The maximum discount that the merchant can get for CPD Staking is determined by the 30D Volume of the merchant.
For example, a merchant with the 30D Volume equal to 12,140,537.627179 USDT is able to get the 14% discount maximum if this merchant holds 2,500,000 and more CPD tokens on the balance. (please, refer to the table above in order to learn about the discount levels)
The 30D Volume can be seen on the Fees tab in the Discount block in the merchant’s back office.
The merchant can top up their CPD Balance at the appropriate CPD amount to get a relevant discount (up to the maximum available according to the current 30D Volume).
For example, having the 30D Volume equal to 12,140,537.627179, the merchant transfers 500,000 CPD to the balance to get a 10% discount.
If the merchant has a discount for staking CPD tokens at the moment of an operation, a processing fee will be paid based on the operation amount, debiting the current merchant’s discount amount. Please refer to the Discount Applying Conditions section (that could be found below) to learn when the discount is applied and not applied.
The actual fee percent (with the applied discount) that will be charged for operations can be seen in the fees table.
Example: a 1% fee set for the “BTC to fiat exchange” operations in the merchant’s fee package.
Having the 14% discount for staking CPD, the merchant will pay 0.86% processing fee instead of 1%.
Additional +20% off for Paying Fees with CPD
The merchant’s discount can be increased by 20% via turning on paying processing fees with CPD Token. This option (“+20% for Paying Fees in CPD”) is also available in the Discount block (Fees tab) in the merchant’s back office.
The “+20% for Paying Fees in CPD” option can be modified only by the user with the Owner role within the merchant.
Due to activation of fees payment in CPD, the processing fee for all crypto operations of this merchant will be charged in CPD according to the exchange rate at the moment of an operation, debiting the current merchant’s discount amount.
Please note that the discount is not applied to a MIN AMOUNT FEE in disregard for a currency, since it’s the lowest value that can be charged.
Example: In case the merchant has a 1% fee set for the “BTC to fiat exchange” operations in the fees package and the “+20% for Paying Fees in CPD” option is turned on along with the 30D volume in USDT equal to ≥10,000K then the discount of 34% is applied, hence the merchant pays 0.66 % instead of 1% (1%-0.34%=0.66%).
Enabling fees payment in CPD leads to continuous decreasing of CPD Balance, therefore decreasing the merchant’s discount. Please, ensure topping up the merchant’s CPD Balance regularly to keep the required discount.
If CPD Balance is not sufficient to pay the processing fee for an operation, the fee for this operation will be charged according to the merchant’s fee package without applying a discount.
Also, we recommend using the Notifications functionality in order to ensure that the merchant’s CPD Balance remains at the required level.
30D Volume Calculation
The 30D Volume is calculated at 00:00 UTC at the beginning of each operational day and is fixed for the next 24 hours.
It is calculated for the last 30 days as an aggregated amount of transactions with the processing fee being charged, including the MIN. AMOUNT FEE, however, only in case a fee percentage is specified in a respective package.
Please note that the 30D Volume is calculated in a specific way, as described above, so this value is not recommended to be used for the financial statistics. The 30D Volume is used exclusively to determine the discount.
Discount applying conditions
The discount is applied to the processing fee percentage in the operations with crypto currency.
The discount program is not applied to:
  • Mining fee;
  • Non-crypto operations;
  • Min. amount fee.